Thursday, March 31, 2016


Art websites for Art Class Free time

Artpad-paint on a virtual canvas

Bomomo-create a modern art abstract masterpiece with cool animated tools

Build your Wild Self-create people with animal features to build cool characters

The Art Institute of Chicago-stories, games, and art tools

Jackson Pollock-Action painting in action! Drip, splatter, splash your screen

Picasso Head-Create a silly Cubist-style portrait using elements from Picasso's paintings

NGA KidsZone-Lots of art games and drawing tools from the National Gallery of Art

Scribbler-Neat drawing tool that creates masterpieces from your simple drawings

TateKids-Lots of art games and drawing programs from the Tate Museum

This Is Sand-Simple program to make sand art. Just click to drop sand and make designs!

Virtual Lite-Brite- Drop in virtual pegs to make designs with light

Woordle-Create works of art using text and words

ABCya Paint-Easy painting program

GettyGames-Art games from the Getty Museum

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