Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome Back!

Long time no see, blogosphere! I am back after a year-long hiatus from the blogging world. I was still teaching full time last year, but I was also up to my eyeballs in homework. Teachers never stop learning, either! Now I can officially add MEd to my professional title. I loved taking graduate classes to get a fresh new perspective on my students and my classroom, and to get to know other art teachers. Other teachers are my biggest source of new ideas! It was a busy year, though. Not only was I tackling finishing up my masters degree and writing a thesis, but I was also hosting a student teacher. I already miss having Miss Mayo in my classroom. I wish I could have kept her :) Last, but not least, I had a baby! Little Miss Rowan is the newest, tiniest, member of our family. We love all love her, but she loves her big brother most of all. With all the craziness going on last year, the blog fell by the wayside. But I'm glad to be back to share our art room stories!

I didn't make too many changes to the classroom this summer (ahem, new baby who doesn't like sleeping) but I did create a fun new rainbow theme to welcome students in! Along with the rainbow, I had students who came in to visit during back-to-school night
decorate a raindrop. I also created a collaboration space for students to add drawings to during free-draw time. More on that later in the year!

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